Recent Episodes


Interactive Vlog 2018-01-28

Another session of Jeffrey talking about Board Games, discussing new 18XX acquisitions and teaching new players. Compares Gaia Project to Terra Mystica some more. Spends some time talking about the game Gentes currently on Kickstarter.

Interactive Vlog 2018-01-09

Jeffrey rambling on about games, gaming topics, and anything else that comes into his mind.

Interactive Vlog - 2017-12-16

Jeffrey rambles on about Kingdom Death: Monster. Compares and contrasts Clans of Caledonia with Terra Mystica. Discusses a hodge podge of different topics.

Interactive Vlog - 2017-11-25

Jeffrey's first Vlog and Q&A from YouTube. Answering viewer questions, talks about games that he has been playing lately, as well as musing on what type of gamer he is.

Update & Banter

This is just a quick episode, where we take a look at what we have been playing lately, and our look back. Don't worry though there are still many tangents that take us to new and wonderful places.