Meeple Leaf Reviews
Top 10 Most Played Games

Jacob and Jeffrey Discuss the latest kickstarter hype and BGG Hotness, followed by Top 10 Most Played Games. During the Banter Jeffrey and Jacob discuss New Years Resolutions and Christmas Gifts.

Another good episode! I Especially liked the in depth discussion of tactics strategy and balance and why it's so challenging to develop a valid metric evaluate this. A heady board game discussion that is unique in my board game podcast listening. Well done. And did I mention... more Arnold please;)
January 16, 2017
Hola! Heard abt y'all thru Rodney's recco. I'm catching up on old YT and casts. You're doing great job! Keep it up. by the way I think this was episode where u were looking for strategy reviewers. Try older shows from Forbidden Limb. - Jim
February 18, 2017
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